"Kick start" your fitness & wellness program by releasing fat and by losing inches.

Tipsforcleansing.com© was established to introduce people to a nutritional technology that was created by Isagenix, the leader in nutritional cleansing that has transformed thousands of people's bodies. The products are formulated by the founder of Isagenix and leading biochemist for nutrition products, Dr. John Anderson who has created over 2300 products for companies such as GNC, MetRx and Nature's Way.

The products are part of a system that targets both nutritional deficiency as well as toxicity (at the cellular level) by delivering high grade organic nutrition as well as cleansing the body of unwanted chemicals, toxins and impurities. The by-product of using the system is also weight loss since the body manufactures excess fat and water as a protection mechanism against toxins and impurities. By removing the toxins and impurities the cleansing process also removes fat.

Many people have lost pounds and inches as part of the 9 day and 30 day programs. Typical results that we have seen with clients that we have introduced to the system (although everyone's body is different) vary from a minimum of 5 lbs lost to a maximum of 17 lbs lost just for the 9 day program. Additional pounds and inches are lost on the 30 day program with typical results averaging 21 pounds released.

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